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How to have a vegan BBQ | Mr Organic Review

With the weather warming up here in the UK, we’re all rushing out to the shops to grab ourselves all the essentials for a summer BBQ but have you stopped to think about how to have yourself a tasty meat-free BBQ? We’re here to help!

Switch up your standard beef burgers with Linda McCartney Quarter Pounders or even Iceland’s new No Bull Burgers – with these tasty alternatives, you won’t even miss your standard beef burger! To top it off, grab yourself some violife cheese slices – dairy free but creamy!

Now for sausages! We recommend Cauldron’s Vegan Sausages for a tasty tomato, pesto and vegetable swap that’s fresh and summery. If you really miss that meaty texture, Veggie Kitchen by Farm Foods have some great sausages with a meaty texture.

You can’t have a BBQ without some great dips and condiments,

I recently tried out Mr Organics vegan Mayo and I couldn’t believe how similar this is to the real deal! Granted, I haven’t had actual mayo for about 3 years but this is exactly how I remembered it. Creamy and tangy and the perfect accompaniment for your summer BBQ. Top tip – they go great with Cauldron’s Vegan Sausages.

For your burgers, I also highly recommend Mr Organic’s Ketchup – it is rich, thick and most importantly, fresh. With its subtle sweetness, it compliments the violife’s melted cheese slices perfectly.

Mr Organic not just serves your BBQ needs but it’s a food cupboard staple. Yum.

> Sheridan Rudge

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