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Uma Thurman to Star in Supernatural Netflix Series ‘Chambers’

Netflix has cast Thurman for a starring role on Chambers, an upcoming supernatural drama about the mysterious circumstances behind a heart transplant, where she will play a grieving mum in search of the truth.

Chambers will depict the story of a young heart attack survivor whose life was saved by a heart transplant. However, she starts to raise crucial questions about her new heart, learning the terrible truth about the donor’s death. Eventually, things take a supernatural turn for the girl when characteristics of the late donor start to manifest; characteristics that could be indicative of something evil. Thurman will play Nancy, mother of the deceased heart donor, who forges a relationship with the embattled heart recipient.

The series was created by Leah Rachel (she will also serve as one of the main writers on the show), will be executive produced by Academy Award-winning Stephen Gaghan and will feature Akela Cooper as its showrunner. Cooper already has a list of impressive genre TV credits as Luke Cage, American Horror Story and The 100.

Thurman is known for her roles in films like Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill franchise and Pulp Fiction. She has also collaborated multiple times with controversial filmmaker Lars von Trier, both in Nymphomaniac and more recently in The House That Jack Built. On the television side, she previously appeared in shows like Bravo’s Imposters, the NBC miniseries The Slap, and the NBC series Smash.

Chambers feels like a refreshing new proyect as it is mostly written by women and whose lead character is a emotionally vulnerable mother, changing from past Thurman proyects, written and helmed by men. In addition, this role could give her character the kind of depth and nuance that it wouldn’t be possible to portray just in one or two films.
Netflix has yet to reveal when the upcoming 10-episode hour-long series might debut, but we expect it to appear next year.

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