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Wagamama’s | Vegatsu Review

Wagamama’s is infamous among the vegan community with their extremely accommodating menu however, they have now upped their game even further by adding a new addition to their menu. their ‘vegan hero’ the Vegatsu.

WhatsOn’s Hannah Montgomery & Sheridan Rudge were invited down to the Birmingham branch to give this new dish a try.

Omni perspective:

I was feeling a little on the experimental side so for a drink I opted for the new Nix and Kix, a sparkling soft drink flavoured with a dash of cayenne pepper. I chose the Mango & Ginger flavour which was fruity and fresh but nicely accompanied by an undertone of spice – unusual, but refreshing.

The Mixed Mushroom & Panko Aubergine Hirata steamed buns were cutely presented and nicely flavoured – they were almost pancake-like in texture, but in a pleasant, rather than unsavoury, way. They were very moreish!

I also enjoyed the Yasai Gyoza, the steamed dumplings packed with juicy vegetables and served with a dipping sauce. They were neatly folded and tasted great with the accompanying condiment – there was a satisfying crunch and a distinct oriental flavouring to these snack-sized parcels which made them my personal favourite of the 2 side orders.

Moving on to the main, I was both curious and excited about trying out the new vegan option, the Vegatsu. I normally go for the Chicken Katsu Curry at Wagamamas so I was keen to put this alternative to the test. Surprisingly, it was very much like the original – the sauce was just as creamy, the rice just as sticky, and the portion just as sizeable.

Made from seitan, the meat substitute had a flavoursome crispy coating and was incredibly filling – the breadcrumb covered a doughy substance, which made it a bit heavy, but the overall dish was very much enjoyed, and as a non-vegan who loves the original Katsu, I was pleasantly surprised by this vegan version.

> Hannah Montgomery

Vegan perspective:

I wasn’t feeling as adventurous when it came to beverages, so I stuck with a classic Peach Iced Tea. It was just the right mix of bitter and sweet, and the freshness of the ice went down a treat on such a warm day!

I was excited for the Mixed Mushroom & Panko Aubergine Hirata steamed buns as I’m a huge mushroom fan! The bitterness of the soy sauce that coated the mushrooms and aubergines accompanied the soft melt in your mouth buns perfectly. I almost didn’t want to eat them as they were so nicely presented but they did not last long!

Next was the tradition steamed dumplings, Yasai Gyoza – a tasty parcel of vegetables and dipping sauce. It was a simple, and tasty dish which was thoroughly enjoyed.

Having never tried Seitan before, I was really excited to try the new Vegatsu dish! Made from wheat gluten, the Seitan ‘fillet’ was crispy on the outside, and soft and doughy on the inside. Perfect for all of those bread lovers out there!

The Vegatsu sauce was fragrant with just a hint of spice that accompanied the generous portion of sticky rice. The flavours combined together extremely to create a tasty and filling main course that I would happily have again – in fact, i’ve been craving it ever since! A definite vegan win!

> Sheridan Rudge

A huge thank you to Wagamama’s for their attentive service! The service was impeccable with each member of staff ensuring we were well taken care of throughout our visit. We look forward to coming back time and time again!

Customer satisfaction *****
Quality *****
Value for money ****

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