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Reaching The Stars: Poems About Extraordinary Women & Girls

Authors: Jan Dean, Liz Brownlee & Michaela Morgan

Inspiring, motivational, informative…this book of poems is certainly something special.

It celebrates women from all walks of life; iconic females throughout history, recognised activists & historians as well as the unsung heroines and anonymous ladies who have, in their own way, made a significant contribution to society.

There’s a great variety of poems within this collection, some of which come with a short intro / bio to introduce the heroine in question. They all celebrate womanhood & femininity, drawing on subjects such as equality & human rights whilst telling the tales of key women & girls across the ages.

Although all 3 of the writers are very talented, Jan Dean’s poems stand out the most to me. I find them to be impeccably written; the rhymes are natural and fluent and she sets the scene with great efficiency and effect.

This makes for an enjoyable read with its short, sweet and sassy poems that explore the true strength of the female being. They are cleverly written, concise and cohesive, and focus on those who have made a real impact – forget social media favourites and television idols, it’s time to acknowledge the campaigners, the explorers, the scientists, the sportswomen and the like.

This book is a heart-warming gem that will bring a smile to your face. There is no better time than the present to celebrate the achievements of strong, independent women, so bury yourself in this poetry collection and get into girl power mode!

> Hannah Montgomery

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