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Suffragette: The Battle For Equality

Author: David Roberts

Before I started reading this book I will readily admit that I had a limited knowledge of – yet a growing interest in – the suffragette movement.

This book has truly opened my eyes to the importance and relevance of this historical event, especially with the timely occurrence of the women’s vote centenary earlier this year.

It is comprehensive in that it tells you all you need to know about women’s suffrage; it includes everything in a structured order and discusses significant components and smaller details alike.

This book is sophisticated in the sense that it is informative and historical, yet its simplicity makes it easy to digest. It is well written and makes for a fascinating read, as it recalls facts throughout the era when the suffrage movement was in development (and in full swing).

The content is varied and presented in a stunning format with brilliant artwork by the author himself. David really should be commended for his efforts as this is a true work of art that combines both eye-catching illustration and thought-provoking copy.

Overall this is a thoroughly interesting book that enlightens, informs and inspires. I recommend this not only to those interested in history but also to people out there striving to achieve equality – for women of all walks of life.

> Hannah Montgomery

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