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A Stalker Reportedly Broke into Rihanna’s LA Home

A man has been charged with stalking and other felonies after he broke into the Barbadian singer Rihanna’s Hollywood Hills mansion on Monday.

After the breaking in, the 26-years-old Stalker named Eduardo Leon has spent 12 hours there and charged with stalking, first-degree residential burglary, vandalism and resisting arrest.

Leon, who is originally from California, was arrested the next day after being discovered in the property by the singer’s assistant.

A spokesman for the district attorney’s office would not say what Leon was doing in the home, but the criminal complaint alleges that he destroyed Rihanna’s home security system, causing more than $400 in damage.

A report said that he’d told cops he was in the house to have sex with Rihanna and added that he planned not to use force on her.

Rihanna was not home at the time of the break-in. Two days earlier, the singer attended the Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala in New York wearing an extravagant, papal-inspired outfit.

The stalker is set to appear at the Foltz Criminal Justice Centre on Monday. If convicted, he could face up to six years in prison and his bail has been set at $150,000.

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