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TUC March & Rally Held Tomorrow to Support Workers

Workers have rights, and they deserve to be content and happy in their employment. Unfortunately, there are still issues that those with careers must face, and in order to overcome these obstacles, we have to make a stand against them.

Tomorrow – Saturday 12 May – there will be a march in Central London, so join in with the activity to demand a new deal for working people. The purpose is to act in the interest of employees, who deserve a great job and a chance to progress in life.

At the moment many of us are suffering in our jobs, for a range of reasons, and this includes everything from┬ázero hour contracts, low pay and ‘dead end’ positions whereby there is no room to step up and have more responsibility in their line of work.

It doesn’t have to be this way, however, and this is the thought process behind TUC’s national march and rally. The movement will bring together unions and thousands of supporters in a call for more (and better) jobs, as well as, subsequently, a more prosperous country.

Join in this march for the alternative and see how you can make a difference.

> Hannah Montgomery

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