Jay James Album Review

Here at WhatsOn we were lucky enough to get our hands on a signed copy of Jay James’s new album, so we got stuck in and gave it a listen.

Jam-packed with music, the ‘J-list’ boasts an array of punchy little numbers that will get you foot-tapping and head-bobbing – and that’s just at the first listen!

‘The Money & Fame Intro’ kick-starts the album well, with Jay’s soulful voice really coming through, and this sets the tone of the album with its powerful vocal and clean instrumentals.

‘Long May They Roll’ stands out in the sense that it really shows off Jay’s singing ability – he can evidently master both low tones and the high notes. Yet again it’s incredibly soulful; there’s a smoothness to his voice that holds your attention.

‘Gravity’ makes for real easy listening with its gorgeous instrumentals, which become increasingly more prominent throughout, and the thoughtful simplicity of both the lyrics and the production of the song ultimately tie this together as a cohesive whole.

‘Play It by Heart’ is an emotional and powerful number that becomes more enjoyable the more you listen to it. The wording is clever and the musical arrangement is polished, making this a particularly catchy track – certainly one of the stand out tracks for me, at any rate.

Jay’s voice sounds somewhat different in ‘Turning Home’, which highlights his versatility as an artist. This song is upbeat, optimistic and has a charming feel to it.

One of my favourites is ‘Sunshine’, because it manages to be catchy even though it isn’t particularly fast-paced.

Overall, this album has a great mix of songs, and although they vary in tempo, they all have just the right amount of soul.

My only critique would be that some of the songs are a bit samey, although at the same time, this does suggest consistency.

Jay’s passion really shines through and he has a great quality to his voice which makes listening to his music pleasurable.


Customer Satisfaction ***
Quality  ****
Value for Money ****

> Hannah Montgomery

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