Choc on Choc Review

Ever fancied getting the royal (sweet-treat)-ment? Now’s your chance!

In celebration of the upcoming Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan, the Bath-based luxury chocolatier Choc on Choc have developed their very own couple-centred choc, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the goodies and give them a try!

At first glimpse you can tell this is a good quality brand of chocolate. It is cutely packaged and pocket sized, characteristics which make this a great gift item. What’s more, it is decorated in great detail – with the faces of the royal couple stencilled onto the surface of the chocolate!

There is a good likeness of the celebrities imprinted on the chocolate, which is of course a difficult feat to be able to achieve, particularly on such a small surface area, but one that has been managed successfully by the company.

The chocolate is surprisingly weighty and a perfect size for snacking; it can be easily enjoyed in one sitting. The white chocolate exterior is creamy and delicious, and perfectly accompanied by its rich and indulgent dark chocolate filling.

This is a cute chocolate product that tastes just as good as it looks.

You can find these adorable heart-shaped chocolates at Harry’s Bar in London – you get them free with every purchase of the aptly named ‘Harrypolitan’ cocktail – available now!

Alternatively you can purchase the chocolate at

Try a little taste of luxury by tucking into this royal fancy – get yours now!


Customer satisfaction ****
Quality  ****
Value for money *****

> Hannah Montgomery

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