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Break-up with Mac Miller Confirmed by Ariana Grande

TMZ reported on Wednesday that Ariana Grande and Mac Miller had amicably broken up — and now Grande has confirmed the news herself via Instagram Story.

The couple first became friends in 2013 and didn’t go public with their romantic relationship until 2016.

Reports recently claimed that the couple had “quietly cut off their romantic relationship after their busy work schedules.”, but they will remain “best friends”. In an Instagram story, she added that she “respects and adores him endlessly” and is “so proud of him”.

“Unconditional love is not selfish,” she continues. “It is wanting the best for that person even if at the moment, it is not you”.

Still, the news is hard to take and fans are shocked listening to this. To most people, it seemed like the pair was happier than ever. Just after Ariana released her latest single “No Tears Left to Cry,” Ariana’s boo tweeted the sweetest message in support.

This isn’t a messy break up and Ariana Grande clearly harbors no hard feelings towards Mac Miller.

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