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Netflix Releases ‘Luke Cage’ Season 2 Trailer

Netflix and Marvel have released a new full trailer for season two of Luke Cage, hitting the streaming service on Friday 22 June.

The two-minute trailer shows the bulletproof protagonist (Mike Colter) navigating his newfound fame, now that half of Manhattan knows he is indestructible. But when a mysterious man attacks Luke on the street and warns, “Harlem is mine”, Luke is forced to acknowledge that he might not be the most powerful man in the city.

He is not the only person with super strength interested in Harlem’s future. Bushmaster, one of Cage’s most recognizable villains from Marvel Comics lore, played in the series by Mustafa Shakir. The new villain has the unsettling ability to absolutely smash up the previously notoriously-hard-to-hurt Cage, which implies that this dude has benefitted from the same super-science.

If Cage has any hopes of beating this seemingly-unbeatable opponent, he’s going to need help. Danny Rand (Finn Jones), also known as the Iron Fist, will feature prominently in this season. He will also have Claire Temple’s help (Rosario Dawson) and Misty Knight’s (Simone Missick), who’s about to sport a brand new bionic arm.

In terms of new additions to the cast, the trailer reveals the participation of the late actor Reg E. Cathey in season two. Cathey, who died in February of lung cancer, is seen in the Luke Cage trailer chewing on dialogue with the signature style he brought to his work in shows like Oz, The Wire and House of Cards.

Although this is only the second season of Marvel’s Luke Cage, it’s Cage’s fourth season of Marvel Cinematic Universe television: he also had major roles in The Defenders and the first season of Jessica Jones. But he’s never faced a puncher like Bushmaster before.

Watch the trailer here.

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