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Daniel O’Donnell at Symphony Hall, Birmingham | Review

One of Ireland’s best known exports returned to a rapturous reception  at Symphony Hall and before too long, it was clear that he had lost nothing of his ability, not only to deliver a good song, but to connect with the audience in a warm and friendly manner. Daniel shared with us his repertoire of Country and Irish, with a touch of Folk and Pop and was ably assisted, as always by his long-term stage partner, Mary Duff, with an opportunity for popular Ulster country star, Donna Taggart, to (unexpectedly) display her talents. Along with the excellent musicianship of the backing group, all the performers gave us a night to remember and Daniel also showed his other abilities by telling humorous stories and even treating us to a display of Irish dancing. As well as the aforementioned musical styles, we had a touch of Gospel, finishing the night with a moving rendition of “How Great Thou Art.”  All in all, a very enjoyable evening for everyone concerned.

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> Colin McIlwaine

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