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Game of Thrones Tour – Ireland Review

Game of Thrones, widely considered one of the biggest series on television, has some of the most stunning locations featured on the show, from glittering seascapes to gorgeous throne rooms. That’s why, on a recent trip to Ireland, I was excited to go on a Game of Thrones Locations Tour.

Game of Thrones Tours offers different tour routes with start points in different locations, including ones leaving from Dublin, Belfast and Derry. As a self proclaimed member of House Stark, I opted for the Winterfell LocationsTrek. On this tour, fans of the show had the opportunity to see locations featured in the first and second seasons, such as the original location used for Winterfell and Cistercian Abbey, where Robb Stark was hailed King of the North. While there were no added sets and props to make them appear exactly as they do on the show, the sites were all still amazing to see in their own right. While lunch isn’t included in the price of the ticket, the tour does stop at a lovely pub to give you a chance to order food and drinks. And yes, for diehard fans, cloaks and swords are provided to take really cool Instagram pics.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, you can still have a good time on the tour if you enjoy seeing small castles, ruins, and landscapes. Keep in mind that a good portion of your tour will be sent walking outdoors. I’d suggest reading the tour itineraries carefully and checking the weather for your tour date, making sure to wear comfortable shoes and appropriate outerwear.

Tickets range from £8 – £65, depending on the tour you select. For more information on the Game of Thrones Tour – Ireland, visit http://www.gameofthronestours.com.

*Game of Thrones Tours is not affiliated with or endorsed by HBO.


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