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Grace Jones Inspired Feminist Performance Shuns Racial Oppressions

Want an intersectional approach to feminism? You got it!

Nightclubbing is an innovative new performance inspired by Grace Jones and Afrofuturism that will open at Camden’s People’s Theatre from 8 – 12 May.

Rachael Young is the award-winning artist behind the set-up and her visually engaging production was developed to bring forth a new concept of feminism – one where the multiple oppressions faced by trans women, disabled women, women of colour and black women are recognised.

Nightclubbing therefore imagines a somewhat different future for women of colour and does so with the utilisation of striking intergalactic imagery and visceral live music.

The concept itself stems from an occurrence in 2015 in London that saw a group of young black women face refusal from a nightclub upon simply trying to enter the venue.

This performance therefore fights back against racial discrimination, but it isn’t just the BAME community whom Rachael strives to represent. She has also made sure to include leading LGBTQ musicians and DJs within the production in a bid to make a purposeful stance and start a revolution.

“Nightclubbing will look towards a different future,” Rachael commented. “A future where being a person of colour, or being a woman, or being a queer person doesn’t count against you, where we come together and harness our enormous collective power in the hope of challenging the systems that hold us down.

“The now global #BlackLivesMatter movement was started by three Black women; Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi. That’s a huge inspiration, it gives me hope that WE can make this change happen.”

After its opening Nightclubbing will go on tour right up until 15 July.

For more information about this incredibly empowering and explosive new performance check out rachaelyoung.net.

> Hannah Montgomery

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