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Future Head of State to be Decided by Commonwealth Leaders

The Commonwealth “high-level” group of leaders are expected to discuss the monarch’s successor after Queen Elizabeth II dies,during a closed door meeting on Tuesday.

A decision on whether the Prince of Wales should succeed his mother as head of the Commonwealth is expected later this week, the UK government said.

Theresa May’s official spokesman declined to say whether the Prime Minister thought the position should go to Charles, stressing that it was a decision for all leaders of Commonwealth states.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that Charles should not automatically take over from the Queen as head of the Commonwealth, suggesting the holder of the post could be decided on a rotational basis.

And Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson insisted that the decision was “a matter for the 53”.

Asked whether Mrs May believed Charles should be the Commonwealth’s next head, the spokesman said: “This is obviously a decision that is taken later in the week, a decision taken by all the members together.
“I think that all happens on Friday.”

Prince Charles is seems the likely successor to Queen Elizabeth but by no means assured of being the next head of the Commonwealth, officials of the 53-nation bloc said today.

The Queen has been head of the Commonwealth since coming to the throne in 1952, but the position is not automatically held by the British monarch. On Friday, leaders of the 53 Commonwealth governments gather for a retreat at Windsor Castle.

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