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EXCLUSIVE: Pixie Lott – Festival Fun

Popular personality Pixie Lott has a number of shows lined up for 2018, including headline slots at MFOR Festival, Brighton Pride and Ekletica, making this year an incredibly busy one for the starlet.

We had the pleasure of interviewing the British beauty about her upcoming appearances and found out more about her passions, performances and philosophies…

Pixie is particularly looking forward to Cornbury Festival, which will be held in Oxfordshire this summer (13 – 15 July). The singer will be performing on the Saturday as part of an all-female powered line-up alongside the likes of Alanis Morissette, Nina Nesbitt and Amy Macdonald.

“I’ve played Cornbury before, and I love it!” Pixie enthused when asked about her involvement at the festival, which has been described as a ‘country fair with a rock ‘n’ roll twist’.

“It’s a really lovely festival and fun backstage, so I’m really excited to go back there this year. It’s gonna be so fun – the fact it is an all-girl line-up makes it even more special.

“It’s like, ultimate girl power. Us girls can really go for it and sing at the top of our lungs! And having Alannis Morrisette there is just legendary.”

So aside from being part of such an empowering movement, what else is Pixie looking forward to at Cornbury?

“I’m really excited to be back with my band again,” she told us. “A lot of times last year I was just playing with my acoustic guitar so I have made a conscious effort to have my full band back in action for my upcoming shows.

“It’s my favourite way to perform and how I feel the most comfortable. I’m working on lots of new stuff at the moment so I’m hoping I can perform some new songs – I know crowds prefer the old classics and I’ll definitely be doing those but I might be doing one new tune for the audience as well.”

Pixie is currently concentrating on producing fresh material and will be spending much of her time going forward enjoying sessions in the studio.

According to the star, we can expect to hear a slight change in her sound with future tracks: “I love soulful stuff so I definitely wanna head more in that direction,” she said.

“I’ve tried loads of stuff like pop and (more recently) dance, which is really fun, especially when performing live, but soul is where my heart is.

“I just like really emotionally connected lyrics and amazing melodies. Rather than just being all about the track, it’s also about the song-writing.”

Aside from the music, Pixie has many other side projects. She has dabbled in acting, dancing, presenting and television, and one of her main passions is make-up.

She has her own hair colour range named ‘Paint’, which consists of various colours of chalks, sprays and wash out colours that are really fun and easy to use.

“I’m on my way to Coachella at the moment and I’m gonna wake up and style my hair in a different colour every day using my sprays,” Pixie commented. “I’m definitely using them for all of the festivals this year!”

Pixie’s success, in part, can be attributed to the support and wisdom she has received from her tight-knit family unit.

“My dad is a wise owl!” Pixie said. “‘Fail to prepare and prepare to fail’ is what he always told me when growing up. It was really useful, especially when I was at school.

“This was because I was only really interested in music and making my first album on the evenings and weekends, and my dad always said to work hard in all areas, even the ones you don’t enjoy as much, because if you do then it will pay off in the end.

“He also told me that you should take the workload in small doses – if you ever feel bogged down with a massive project then the best thing is to take it by bit – it will get done before you know it.”

It isn’t just Mr Lott who has the knowledge; Pixie herself has some important idealogies to share: “I don’t mean to sound cliché, but I think that everything is possible; you just have to start with yourself.

“Whatever goals you want to achieve – and I always remind myself of this too – you have to know that it’s achievable, and believe in yourself to get there. It’s great to have support around you but it has to come from you, ultimately.

“If there are any times when you’re feeling low or not very confident, remember that those moments don’t last forever, so don’t overthink it.

“It’s not going to be 100% amazing every single day and there are things that won’t go according to plan but just know that it will pass and you’ll be onto the next amazing moment soon.”

Unbelievably, next year marks the 10th year since Pixie’s debut, ‘Mama Do’, which shot straight to number 1 in the UK Singles Chart.

“This makes me feel really old!” laughed Pixie when discussing this achievement. “But it also makes me feel really grateful, because it shows how all these lovely people have stayed loyal to me for such a long time.

“I am thankful for those who have supported me since then and who are still excited to hear about my upcoming projects. Hopefully you all like my new music – I promise, I won’t let you down!”

As well as working the festival circuit, Pixie will appear on The Voice Kids in July as a judge. To get Cornbury tickets visit cornburyfestival.com.

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