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Enormous Protest against Hungarian Prime Minister’s Re-election

Tens of thousands of Hungarians anti-government protesters gathered at Budapest on Saturday against newly re-elected Prime Minister Viktor Orban, demanding a new national electoral system and his anti-immigration agenda across Europe.

Along with reporters and media more than ten thousand people marched through the city center calling themselves majority to protest against the electoral rules which have given Orban’s party a super-majority in parliament when it only won around half the vote in last week’s election.

According to a report, Viktor Orban’s far-right, anti-immigrant Fidesz party won with a two-thirds majority in the legislature which gives him the power to make changes to the country’s constitutions.

Orban’s well known radical anti-immigrant policy where he claimed to have saved the country’s Christian culture from Muslim migrants entering Europe in 2015, is bringing him the victory for fourth time.

But less than a week later, Hungarians came out in droves Saturday to voice their opposition to the government. Crowds of protesters moved through the streets of Budapest, holding anti-Orbán signs and waving Hungarian flags.

“We want to live in a state of law, where checks and balances are present. We want to live in a real democracy,” said protest organizer Viktor Gyetvai adding “if the demands are not met then we cannot live in this country, this is our last chance to do something for this country”.

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