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Future Labour Government to Provide Free Bus Travel for Under 25s

Jeremy Corbyn has announced that a future Labour government will be providing free bus travel for young people across the UK under the age of 25.

This new policy would benefit around 13 million young people and the new funds could mean that young students and profession could save up to a whopping £1,000 a year.

At a time when young people will be struggling to get a foot on the property ladder or trying to pay back their student loans this extra help from a Labour government would be very welcome.

This policy would be aimed at getting local authorities to start setting up their own bus services and would be the first step towards public ownership of bus services across the country.

Providing free bus travel under the age of 25 would encourage them to use public transport more often and would go a long way in Labour’s fight to counteract climate change and reduce air pollution and street congestion.

“Young people deserve a break. Nearly eight years of Tory austerity have hit their incomes, their chance to buy a house and their career opportunities,” said Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. “Labour wants to help young people make the most out of life by investing in them, which is why today we are pledging the next Labour government will provide the funds to cover free bus travel for under 25s, to support them to travel to work, to study and to visit friends.”

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