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Fans Turned Harry Styles’ London Show into Giant Rainbow Flag

Halfway through the performance of the former One Direction singer and actor Harry Styles at London concert, fans transform into largest rainbow pride flag as a tribute to LGBT culture.

Before the show, a group of fans known as the Rainbow London Project gave the crowd rainbow tickets that they could attach onto smart phone flash lights during the show, prompting this glittering spectacle to occur during Styles’ acoustic cover of an anthem of support for the LGBT community.

Since he first hit the road last year, Harry’s songs are worldwide being appreciated for the right of young people and LGBT community where the fans and singer represents different groups and LGBT people with flags and symbols.

“Can I just take a second to tell you that every single one of you in this building looks absolutely fabulous,” he told the audience as the show began. “I’ve lived in London for about seven years now and I very much feel like I’m coming home now. Thank you for being so welcoming to us.”

During the rest of the night Harry cracked out all the fan favourites for the gig. One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful made the crowd go wild as did Sign Of The Times and his encore of Kiwi.


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