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At least 250 Killed in Algerian Military Plane Crash

More than 250 people including soldiers and their families were killed when a military plane crashed near Algeria’s capital on Wednesday, state media said. Witnesses sayed they saw a wing catch fire shortly after the plane took off.

Bits of mangled and smouldering debris were scattered across the field near Boufarik airport southwest of Algiers where people were searching for bodies among the rubble.

An investigation had been carried on to find out the reason of the crash, the ministry said. The head of the Algerian army, the vice-minister of defence, and military chief of staff visited the crash spot to investigate the wreckage.

Civil protection agency spokesman Farouk Achour told The Associated Press that some passengers were “extracted with deep burns caused by the fuselage catching fire”.

He stated at least 300 emergency workers are working at the scene.

The plane was heading to Tindouf, an area on Algeria’s border with Western Sahara, but crashed on the airport’s perimeter.

The country’s defence ministry expressed his condolences to those families who lost their near and dear ones.

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