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Art Project Unlocks Homelessness Debate

Signature Living, a property developer and hotelier in Liverpool that launched its own temporary homeless shelter Kingsway House has announced its involvement with an exciting new art project.

The venture, named OUTDOORS, was developed specifically to raise issues regarding the homeless community.

Its concept was stemmed from an interesting turn of events that began in early 2017. 10 reclaimed front doors were hung across the streets of Bristol – most passers-by ignored the items, but some street artists adopted some of the sites with their graffiti works.

The doors have since been removed and framed and are going on display in venues across the country – one place being the aforementioned Kingsway House, which was previously a temporary homeless shelter created by Signature Living’s Lawrence Kenwright.

What makes this project interesting is the fact that it won’t be a ‘behind gallery doors’ event – the installation will be free to all that visit the area. Beau, the conceptual artist who orchestrated the venture, believes that the front door symbolises ‘home’, which many of course do not have access to, and this is the idea behind OUTDOORS.

“I wanted to challenge our perceptions of beauty and worth,” Beau commented. “OUTDOORS shows how we interact with the world around us. Cuts to housing, mental health and social services are driving more and more people into critical homeless situations, which is more than rough sleeping.

“The hidden homeless community is often out of sight – sofa surfing, crashing with friends, staying in squats or communal homes, hostels and long-term B&B residences, all forms of homelessness often experienced for years.”

The doors can be found on display at Hatton Gardens outside Kingsway House and will go on tour across the UK, leading up to an auction in December 2018.

100% of profits raised will be donated to charities supporting people in critical need in the UK.

For more information visit ayearoutdoors.com.

> Hannah Montgomery

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