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EXCLUSIVE: Maggie Lindemann – Pretty Special

As she has already told us in her infectiously catchy debut, Maggie Lindemann is certainly “not just a pretty girl”.

The stunning singer, who captured our attention with the release of her hugely successful hit ‘Pretty Girl’, is keen to get the message across that there is more to her than meets the eye.

“If you listen to the lyrics, “I’m more than just a picture”, you can see I’m trying to say that I’m more than what you see of me online or in videos – I’m a person too,” Maggie explained when discussing the meaning behind the smash hit.

“It’s pretty straight-forward. With my music I have always considered it to be “dark sultry pop” and I feel like now more than ever, that’s a perfect way to desrcribe it.”

It is therefore no surprise to discover that Maggie draws inspiration from Lana Del Ray, an artist recognised for her haunting tone and raw emotion.

“The way she has branded herself and the control she has over her career is amazing to me,” Maggie commented when asked about any influencers.

“She is so talented and knows exactly how she wants to be and look and sound.”

‘Obsessed’ is the new single from the blossoming star, and this number is more of an upbeat track with dance elements – Maggie describes it as “really fun and energetic”.

So, what is the story behind this particular song? Maggie told us more:
“It’s about someone who is very obsessed and only really cares about themselves. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, just don’t involve me!”

In relation to this, Maggie has recently got involved in another creative project that enables her to indulge in another passion of hers – beauty.

The #SoObsessed make-up campaign is a partnership between Maggie and the legendary Pat McGrath, an exciting collaboration which has resulted in the timely launch of 3 beautiful lip colours.

Maggie told us more about this partnership: “I met up with Pat for the first time at her launch in LA and we definitely bonded right away.

“I flew out to New York twice for the videos we made around the launch, and each time was an amazing experience. Her whole team is so loving and fun and the line turned out to look “major” as she would say!”

As well as experimenting with make-up, Maggie enjoys delving into the world of photography.

One of her favourite past-times is taking pictures of people and places with her own film cameras, although she also admits to having a serious shopping addiction (she isn’t the only one)!

When it comes to life mottos, Maggie follows the simple mantra that “everything that’s meant to be will be”.

Despite being just 19 years of age the musician comes across as very strong-minded and level-headed, and she exudes confidence because she believes in the younger generation.

“Age doesn’t define you,” she concluded. “Age doesn’t determine your intelligence.

“You shouldn’t let anybody tell you who you are or that you can’t do something just because you’re young. You can do anything you set your mind to.”

Maggie will be touring with The Vamps in April. You can find out more about the starlet here.

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