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Tutti Matti: The Latest Tech Trend

If you love to party, or are a real social butterfly that enjoys hosting your own events, then you definitely need to consider investing in the Tutti Matti.

This exciting party speaker was developed by audio specialist Tutti Studios and as a result boasts optimum clarity and high volume levels. What makes it stand out the most, however, is its construction – the Tutti Matti is made from – wait for it – dildo rubber.

As a result this accessory is durable, functional and looks darn good also. It has been described as an ‘off-the-charts’ speaker and was modelled on the 90s style retro boombox, but acts as a more contemporary version.

Its capabilities include:

Battery Life of the Party: The speaker’s battery life lasts up to 10-12 hours
Literally, Surround Sound: Tutti Matti reaches a complete 360 degree sound angle
System Optional: Synchronize up to 8 Tutti Mattis at once, to a create a booming sound
Karaoke Included: Turn Tutti Matti into a karaoke speaker by streaming bluetooth with the additional microphone

CEO of Tutti Studios, Benjamin Whitaker, said: “We wanted to create a sound system that catches the eyes (and ears) of young adults and adds flavour to the way they dance, connect, and socialize together.

“Our newest speaker, Tutti Matti, is more than a traditional audio device. It has elevated volume capabilities that supplement high-level clarity, with a 360 degree speaker that reaches all sides of the dance floor.

“We want to inspire people to play hard, party hard, and go crazy with a modular system of 8 Tutti Mattis that can play more than one channel while still in the same room. It’s next generation fun!”

With the Tutti Matti, it is the volume that matters, not the size, so check it out now and realise the results for yourself…

> Hannah Montgomery

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