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Hunger Strike For Proportional Representation

Today marks 100 years exactly since the first women were given the right to vote and yet the current electoral system still falls short of providing a government that truly represents everyone.

A 24-hours hunger strike has been called to protest against this unfair electoral systems and to campaign for a revision of the system so that one which ensures everyone’s vote counts can replace it.

“Today all adults are allowed to vote but – because of our First Past the Post voting system – most of us still don’t have a vote that counts”, said a representative of Make Votes Matter, the organisers.

“We’re hunger striking to draw attention to the injustice of a voting system that denies representation to millions, returns Parliaments that don’t reflect the voters and gives us governments that most of us didn’t vote for.

“We’re calling for Proportional Representation, so that seats match votes and everyone has a vote that matters equally”.

Others who will be supporting the hunger strike include Ben Bradshaw MP, Baroness Sal Brinton, Molly Scott Cato MEP and activist Peter Tatchell.

“To ensure a representative parliament, the proportion of seats won by a party should match the proportion of votes cast for the party”, said Peter Tatchell. “In the spirit of the Suffragettes, we demand a fair voting system and a representative Parliament”.

> Naomi Round

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