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SKYGGE Make the First Multi-Artist Commercial Album using AI

SKYGGE’s new single ‘Magic Man’ has recently been released in a move that would allow the track to swiftly coincide with the launch of their debut album, ‘Hello World’.

The album is currently available courtesy of Flow Records and IDOL, although there will also be a vinyl version accessible from March onwards.

This exciting installment is different because it is the first multi-artist commercial album that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. It includes the top track ‘Hello Shadow’, which features Canadian chart-topper Kiesza.

The new single from SKYGGE is the story of metamorphoses; from music to data, from neuron networks to musical notes, and finally, from a scientific project to a pop-music album.

‘Magic Man’ has been described as a piece of ‘pop brilliance’, and the full track-list has been praised by CLASH, who stated ‘Hello World’ is an ‘electro-pop album matching melody after melody with evident glee’.

Check out the ‘Magic Man’ music video here.

Watch ‘Hello Shadow’ now.


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