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Vote Vote Vote!

So this is it.

Today is the 8th June, the day when we all decide the fate of the UK. I cannot stress how important it is for each and every one of you that has registered to get out today and vote – the future of each and every one of us rests on your shoulders. How can we fight for change if we can’t even be bothered to leave the house for five minutes and tick a box on a piece of paper?

The only way to prevent another shock like Brexit is to vote today. We have a chance to make sure we’ve got the best shot at making a bright future for ourselves – do you really trust a party full of the upper class who have been churned out of Eaton to do what’s best for you?

We all need to focus on a progressive society, and bring in the changes that need to happen. We need to stick up for the rights of everyone. The only way we can all do something about this and bring in the changes we all need and want to happen across the country is to stand up and vote for what we believe in. Change will never happen if we don’t fight for it – do you really want the NHS to be left at the hands of the Tories? Surely it’s best to vote in a progressive alliance that hold the interests of the many, and not the few, at heart?

It doesn’t take long to vote. It will take less than ten minutes out of your day to go and tick that all important box to fight for what you believe in. Remember that people have made sacrifices in the past so that we can all have the opportunity to make our voices heard. So please, everyone – make sure you vote today.


> Leah Davies

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