Clinton V Trump

It’s Hilary Clinton verses Donald Trump in the race to get to the White House in the bid to become the next president of America.

In the blue corner we have Hilary Clinton who’s running the campaign for the Democrats, that’s the American labour party to us Brits. And in the red corner we have Donald Trump who’s flying the flag for the Republican party, that’s the American conservatives to us.

So far, businessman Donald Trump’s rise to popularity has been via the American version of The Apprentice. He’s basically the stateside equivalent to our Lord Alan Sugar. But whether he has what it takes to make it in politics has yet to be seen. However, some of his policies have been viewed as controversial.

Hilary Clinton on the other hand has practically lived her life in politics; married to once president, Bill Clinton, who is infamously known world-wide for the Lewinsky sex scandal; remember that, anyone? and has served alongside the current president Barack Obama – America’s first ever black/mixed-race president.

Now then, in Trump’s manifesto he’s promised to deport all illegal immigrants from the country; build a wall on the Mexican/American border; ban all Muslims from entering the country; crack-down on tax evaders; allegedly reverse same-sex marriage; get tough on Iran; destroy Isis; relax gun control and restore the American dream. And for, whatever reason, believes that Vladimir Putin and himself could get along.

Now overall, you could argue that his claims are extreme and, quite frankly, contradictory. I think that someone needs to remind him that America was built on immigration; not all Muslims are terrorists; not all druggies, rapists and criminals are from Mexico; Republicans are allegedly dodgy when it comes to tax breaks; same-sex marriage is a human right and why the chances of him and Vladimir Putin ever being friends is practically non-existent.

Last time I checked, the American dream was whatever you wanted it to be. Lastly, someone ought to remind him that the best way to solve gun related crime is to tighten regulations: No guns, no shootings, no crime, no problems. Simple.

Clinton’s manifesto includes fixing cooperate tax loopholes so that the wealthy pay more; raising middle class incomes and tax relief to those on low income; expanding women’s rights; improving affordable healthcare; equal pay for women; having same-sex marriage enshrined in the constitution; comprehensive immigration reforms; reforms on gun control and regulating Wall-Street activities alike.

So overall, the American citizens will have to content with a political tug-of-war till November as to who they want to take charge of the country. A businessman who’s best known for being the American version of Lord Alan Sugar with some seriously crazy hair; or a ballsy blonde who’s lived an entire career in politics and knows practically all the ins and outs.

Clinton or Trump… sounds like a tough call. I know who I’d go for given the chance.

Adam Humphreys

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