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The collected works of author PP Hartnett




Portrait and profile by Takeo Yamaguchi

AUTHOR,’ by Fused Magazine.

SEX : MALE goes where few authors would dare to tread. There’s a mix of
revised previously-published titles and new pieces such as FULL SCREEN
and POZMEUP. With all ten covers featuring illustrations by gay
serial killer Dennis Nilsen, Hartnett raises many provocative questions.
Hartnett’s focus is invariably on taboo areas and associated patterns of
distress, disturbance. The shorter pieces within titles such as
POZMEUP reek of the hotspots in which they were written, such as the
capital’s notorious Central Station twice-weekly SOP piss-up and saunas
such as Chariots, Vauxhall.


‘My work reflects the dark side of desire, anal warts ‘n’ all. Blame it
on the Benedictine monks who schooled me. I’m more into the idea of
slumming and slamming, observing bug-chasing cumdumps engaged in the
kind of long, slow, pig sessions that coachloads crave, intent on being
recharged ad nauseam, rather than having a drink at G-A-Y.

‘Recon and fuck nites such as The Vault, Suzie Krueger’s Hard On and
Fist offer more to my imagination than prissy romps by homo lightweights
Alan Hollinghurst and Patrick Gale,’ says the award-winning Irish author
from his home in Haworth, West Yorkshire.

‘In this digital age, the short-term and long-term effects of Internet
pornography need to be assessed and evaluated. What I write is largely
run from by mainstream publishers and a far cry from what Ann, Charlotte
and Emily Brontë produced just a spit from where I’m based when in the
UK. Publishing with Autopsy, it’s both a relief and release to be away
from the constraints of dreary corporate editors who haven’t a clue
about ‘alt’ literature.’

‘Since the demise of LGBT publications such as _PINK PAPER_, a
specialist book shop such as Gay’s The Word has become a vital contact
point for readers in search of innovative new work that braves new

It’s almost twenty years since Peter Paul Hartnett released his first
novel in 1996, _CALL ME_, which went on to be published internationally.
The cult gay classic entered the Books Etc charts at number one. That
was followed by _I WANT TO FUCK YOU_, then his two novels signed to
Sceptre. _SIXTEEN_ and _ROCK ‘N’ ROLL SUICIDE_ gained surprise amounts
of mainstream press, busying cash registers, with Michael Arditti having
selected the latter as BOOK OF THE WEEK in THE TIMES upon publication.

Hartnett has recently released two spoken word collections, which he has
described as ‘…a CCTV of the brain.’

Hartnett is currently putting together a neat collection of his poetry
in a limited edition, tentatively entitled _DATE OF BIRTH, TIME OF
DEATH_, to be published in October 2016, with a central London launch
already scheduled. Delivering titles such as _CHARISMATIC SEX ACT_, a
piece about rimming, this author’s writing is definitely raw and real.

SEX : MALE_ by PP Hartnett is due out on 01.01.2016, published by
Autopsy and available on EPUB3 format through Barnes & Noble (inc Nook
UK), EBSCO, eSentral, Goodreads, Google Play, Kobo, Magzter, OverDrive
(inc Waterstone’s) and Storytel. Also availableas in PDF format through
Lulu, lulu.com. ISBN 978-0-9931941-2-2.


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