First Refugees Arrive in Austria after Border Move

Amid worldwide concerns over migrant crisis, the first of thousands of refugees reached Austria early on Saturday morning after Hungary’s surprise move to provide buses for them.

As European Union states are struggling to agree on how to deal with an unprecedented surge in migrants, the Austrian and German government decides to allow them entry. Earlier Hungary had blocked migrants from travelling by train to Western Europe for days, saying it was obliged to register them, sparking angry scenes.

Early on Friday evening, about 1,200 people had set off westwards through Hungary on foot and in cars, while many more remained at Budapest’s Keleti railway terminus. Later Hungarian authorities announced to provide buses which began arriving at Keleti station late on Friday. After initial confusion on fearing of getting arrested, most of the refugees boarded the buses. Many smiled with relief, bidding goodbye to Hungarian volunteers who had brought food and water in recent days while some Austrians putted up welcome signs.

Expecting 800 to 1,500 refugees to arrive at a reception centre, the Austrian Red Cross spokesman Thomas Horvath said “We are getting beds, shelter, food and hot drinks ready for them, and there will also be medical care available if needed”.

On the other hand, amid intense pressure David Cameron announced that Britain will accept thousands more Syrian refugees. He said “Britain will act with its head and its heart providing refuge for those in need while working on a long-term solution to the crisis.” Meanwhile The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to set up a $2m fund to help the refugee crisis.

Earlier on Wednesday, shocking images of drowned Syrian boy Alan Kurdi has shaken the world by showing the tragic plight of refugees. Just a day after the Images have been widely circulated, heightening outrage over the migrant crisis, the UN asks EU nations to accept up to 200,000 refugees as part of a “common strategy” to replace their “piecemeal” approach to the migrant crisis.

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