Back on form and back in the game, The Feeling are on a mission and

Liz Tobin runs with the wolves to find out what fuels their fire.

FOR ANYONE not paying attention, you may have thought that The Feeling were a band that were set to disappear into a puff of pop right after the super-hype of their first album way back when, but you’d be wrong. After a sold out UK Tour in 2013 including a show at Shepherds Bush Empire, The Feeling are set to not only release their new single, ‘Fall Like Rain’ on March 24th but also hit the road for another 11 gig dates in March 2014. Whatson  got the chance to catch up with the band to talk about new beginnings, the bruising truth behind the music industry and how proud the band are of their latest album which has been hailed as the ‘Album of their career’ by both The Sunday Times and Q magazine.

Making a record because you want to make a record is incredibly different to making one because you’re required to

And no wonder because to all intents and purposes The Feeling’s latest album, released in Autumn last year and entitled ‘Boy Cried Wolf’, is 11 tracks of classic The Feeling with ‘You’ll See’ and the opening song, ‘Blue Murder’ easily recognisable for their hooks, lyrics that make heart-break seem romantic and poppy melody. The new yet familiar sound to the latest album has prompted some to suggest the band are trying to recapture their early days. However, the band insist their change of tempo is down to a change in management not the band. In fact, after a stint with Island Records and a run of middle-of-the-road records the band decided to break off from the big commercial aspects of the industry, shake off those bidding to influence their music and get back to their roots. “Making a record because you want to make a record is incredibly different to making one because you’re required to,” says Dan.  “I think something that happens to a lot of artists after a certain amount of success is that you lose the ability to hear your own voice, because you’re just listening to everyone else’s. That’s a pretty horrible place to be. And even if you know it’s happening, even if someone warns you about it, even if you think you’re on top of it, there’s a point where you end up listening to so many different opinions, you can’t do it anymore.” Drummer Paul agrees, “We’re really pleased with how things have gone and we usually take what the critics say with a pinch of salt because as long as you’ve made the album you want to make then that’s all that matters, but the critics have been quite kind about our latest album, which is quite nice”

‘Boy Cries Wolf’ has been labelled a break-up album which is no surprise as lead singer, Dan Gillespie Sells, can pinpoint the precise moment The Feeling’s new album first came into being. He had returned to London alone after spending Christmas in the English countryside, his five-year relationship had ended and his head was in turmoil. Sitting by himself in the East London pub he bought in 2010 and converted into a home (with a recording studio on the ground floor, naturally), Dan did what all born writers do in such situations: he plonked himself down at the piano, and wrote a song.

“Lyrically a lot is reflective of the end of Dan’s five year relationship” says Paul, adding, “How he was feeling at the time was important, but it’s not like the whole album is about sad sentiments, it’s sort of a progression from depression to liberation with a positive outlook for the future, but it does all trace back to the break-up. It’s a very defining part of this album”

Nonetheless, the band are still on the road and still promoting their return-to-form Break-up album with yet another batch of gigs on the way in spite of a recent tour of most major UK cities. Regardless, the band decided to go for round two, instead choosing to explore the smaller towns which often get overlooked.

I asked how they felt about a life of tour dates and sleeping on buses, “We always really enjoy doing a tour and it’s really nice to be in the tour bus but I personally can’t get to sleep on them. I can’t cope with the rocking so I end up not really sleeping when we’re on tour” says a reluctant Paul. However, sadly for Paul, their schedule does not look like it’s stopping any time too soon with a run of UK dates followed by a stint in Germany and then the US for more touring. Bring on the music!

THE UK tour kicks off in Edinburgh at the Liquid Room on the 11th March and takes in Sheffield, Nottingham and Koko (on the 21st) before wrapping up at Brighton’s Concorde 2 on March 24th.

FEELING Confessional

THE FEELING shot to fame in 2006 when their tune ‘Sewn’ catapulted them into the mainstream and kick-started an exceptional 12 months of chart-topping fame. In fact, their 2006 début album, ‘Twelve Stops and Home’, topped the UK charts, and yielded three Top 10 singles.

THEY WERE the most-played band on UK radio in 2006, and their success was capped the following spring when they were named Songwriters of the Year at the Ivor Novello awards.

DAN READILY admits that the band who had made their debut album in a garden shed belonging to Kevin and Ciaran’s mum and dad had lost touch with the bond that had brought them together in the first place: which is why they decided a change was needed.

THIS LATEST album is the band’s first under an exciting new worldwide deal for recording and publishing with BMG Chrysalis, after their previous deal with Island Records came to a welcome end.

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