WhatsOn ASIA Summer 2020

whatsOn ASIA Summer 2020

whatsOn ASIA Summer 2020

Bangladeshi Playback Singer Andrew Kishore
Covered by WhatsOn ASIA Summer Guide 2020

WhatsOn is proud to introduce its 356 Asia Guide which is a tribute to the Bengali legendary singer, Andrew Kishore for the month of August. It is a guide to help the readers from home to know about the events happening worldwide and will be featuring exclusive articles and tips to cope up with an altered world post-COVID-19. The new guide is aimed to cater to readers across Bangladesh, the UK, and the rest of Asia.

The world has lost another star with the passing of Andrew Kishore. Eight-time National Film award winner, with over 1500 recorded songs. This guide brings you a few stories from the artists and singers who were acquaintances with the legendary singer Andrew Kishore. The guide also features the life of Andrew Kishore highlighting portraits from his early life to his untimely demise.

We bring you an exclusive interview with the enthralling sibling duo Chloe and Halle. After the rising fame following a viral video that caught the eye of global superstar Beyonce, the sibling duo has become two of the world’s most exciting new stars! “Now is the time, the world is standing still and waiting for action. Let’s make progress”, said Chloe and Halle in the interview.

The Asia guide includes previews of the latest music releases, arts and events, fashion guide, games, books to read, easy savory recipes, TV guides to add to your must-see calendar in from our Music editor Gary, Film editor Mark and Books editor Naomi Round.

Moreover, we have a former professor of BRAC University, Rifat Mahbub report on the role of Covid-19 in exacerbating inequalities in South-east Asian countries. While Ismat Zarin, assistant professor of Asia Pacific University examines the new dimensions to social satisfaction as the Covid-19 pandemic dramatically flips our horizon with the report, ‘The new normal’.

In a special report segment, we have 10 top thinkers including Angela Davis, Martin Jacques, K K Shailaja, and more outlining new ideas for our devastating world, which needs to be transformed. Covid-19 planetary revenge for wrecking our natural system, now we have a historic opportunity to rethink, reinvents, and reset!

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