200 drivers protest over hundreds of ‘unfair’ dismissals

200 drivers protest
200 drivers protest over hundreds of ‘unfair’ dismissals

After being permanently dismissed via “opaque” processes with no option to appeal, drivers protested outside Uber’s UK headquarters in London on Monday.

  • The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) organized the demonstration outside Aldgate Tower after being contacted by around 200 drivers and couriers for major gig economy platforms including Deliveroo, Uber and courier company Stuart.
  • Drivers say that the companies deactivated their accounts, terminating their jobs, even without notice and often with little explanation.  They believe they have been unfairly dismissed and are demanding that platforms introduce a fair, transparent termination process in line with guidelines from employment arbitration service Acas.
  • Deliveroo rejected the claims, which it described as “inaccurate”. The company said any driver whose account was shut down would first have received a warning by email about their conduct with recommendations about how to improve.
  • “Notifications also warn riders that further breaches could mean that their contract is ended,” the company informed. “A decision to end a contract is only taken if such behavior continues after this notification.” Uber and Stuart did not respond to requests for comment.

Labour said it was “shameful” that hundreds of key workers had lost their livelihoods without a proper process. Legally, private hire drivers and couriers are classified as “limb-b workers”, meaning they are not protected from unfair dismissal, except in cases of discrimination.200 drivers protest