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World Art Dubai
19 April

Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE
The art event returns for its fourth edition on 18-21 April, with artists from all over the world exhibiting their works. It will bring together a collection of more than 4,000 of the most vibrant and dynamic paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs from over 300 individual artists and galleries and collectors, appreciators and lovers of contemporary art. In addition to all the amazing artworks and installations they will feature a variety of creative visitor activities, from live painting, a doodle marathon, VR art, origami and a dedicated section for photography. Also included will be art talks, creative learning workshops, live music, and a ripe craft market. Representing a diverse range of cultures, original contemporary art from across the globe will be on sale, priced between $100 and $20,000.
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Design Week Portland
20 April

Multiple Locations in Portland, OR 97223, US
This week-long festival is set to attract thousands of attendees with hundreds of events, talks, gallery showcases, tours, unique experiences, workshops and open studios to make design accessible to all. It includes an expensive conference, an opening party, hundreds of free or cheap events, open houses and a closing party.
The festival sees local businesses, students, design studios, museums and many others come together to explore design possibilities of all types even further. This year it will run from 14 to 21 April and Portland will come alive with design.
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International Book Festival Budapest
21 April

Millenaris, Budapest, Fény utca 20-22, 1024 Hungary
International Book Festival Budapest hosts about 100 authors from 25 countries, including more than 400 Hungarian authors, scientists, and artists, and offers a wide range of cultural programs, such as meetings with authors, signing sessions, book premiers, presentations, roundtable discussions, concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions and films.
This year will be held on 19-22 April for the 25th time as one of the important professional and intellectual forums.
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New England Folk Festival
22 April

Mansfield High School, 250 E St Mansfield, England
This is an annual folk festival that blends dance, music, crafts, and food from many places and cultures. The festival attracts approximately 3,500 attendees from all over the country and overseas and features upwards of 1,000 performers. This year 74th annual Festival will be on 20-22 April. It is unique because of the participatory nature of the events. There are not only concerts and performances, but there are also opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to engage with music, dance, and folk arts culture. The talent of the performers is also provided on a volunteer-basis.
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Sydney Comedy Festival
23 April

Various venues, Sydney
This event brings together a curated selection of the biggest comedy stars and throughout the festival, international, local and up and coming comedians take to stages across Sydney to deliver the laughs. They cover everything from stand up to sketches, satire and musicals to improvisation, magic, kids comedy and more. This year the 14th annual comedy extravaganza will held from 23 April to 20 May.
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New York International Music Festival
24 April

Carnegie Hall, NY 10019 USA
This 1 day event allows entire music departments to share the excitement of performing in a world-class venue together.
It nurtures the creation, production, and public presentation of stylistically, thematically, and culturally diverse new musics to ensure the future vitality of musical theatre.
Their mission is to present young musicians with an experience that offers the opportunity for musical growth and creates long last memories in the Musical Instruments industry.
Based on the performance level each adjudicated group will receive a Gold, Silver, or Bronze award.
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Kyiv International Short Film Festival (KISFF)
25 April

Shota Rustaveli St, 19 Kyiv, Ukraine
KISFF has become a major national and international platform for short films which facilitates the discovery and development of new forms and methods of film making. It is designed for established film industry professionals, emerging filmmakers and cinema lovers. This year 7th annual festival will held from 25 to 29 April. This includes an international short film competition, thematic non-competitive screenings and retrospectives, lectures, workshops and masterclasses, meetings and discussions, artistic projects, and more.The competitions is open to short films of all genres no longer than 30 minutes. The winners are determined by a professional jury that presents awards to the best film and best director as well as a number of special awards. There’s also an Audience Choice Award.
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Super cute K-pop Twice are a sugar coated nine piece who are selling a huge amount of records in Korea and Japan. In essence they are a combination of the Spice Girls and the Double Deckers TV programme dressed in Kawaii-style outfits. Their appeal to the teen market is virtually unchallenged at this moment in time so it’s unsurprising that their debut album has now been officially released globally after previously being available only in a few countries. The east-meets-west predictability is washed away through the diversity of the songs and super slick production. It’s rare for manufactured pop to sound quite this good.
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The BreakBeat Poets Vol. 2: Black Girl Magic
: Mahogany L. Browne, Idrissa Simmonds & Jamila Woods
A continuation of the first anthology, this collection of poems focuses on celebrating and promoting some of the writings of various different black women. This is an innovative set of artistic and empowering pieces that will open your eyes and your mind. It challenges, for example, the notion that hip-hop is a man’s genre. Inspired!
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Logan Marshall-Green, Rosco Campbell, Richard Cawthorne
Director : Leigh Whannell
The format of “man who gets injured and sets out for revenge” has been done so many times its more than cliché. ‘Upgrade’ centres on a paraplegic who gets implanted with a chip that improves him and can manipulate his body. With his wife also recently having been murdered, he conveniently sets out for revenge. The AI running his body, named STEM, offers injections of humour throughout serious scenes, but it would be worth seeing if this can break away from the sci-fi hits of the 80s and 90s that it has clearly been influenced by and stand on its own two legs.
Release date: 1 June
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Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 Challenge
Join 25,000 cyclists on Sunday 29 July for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 challenge, cycling past London’s most iconic landmarks, through Surrey’s stunning countryside, before taking on the infamous Box Hill climb.SeeAbility, registered as The Royal School for the Blind, is one of the oldest disability charities in the UK and has pioneered specialist support for over 200 years.Secure your place now! Deadline 5pm on Monday 14 May.The price to register for the event is £10 plus vat, with a minimum sponsorship of £499.
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Preparing for the Journey Ahead

Life’s unpredictable – no one really knows what the future holds. The reality is that there’s likely to be a few bumps in the road along the way on our journey through life. These ‘bumps’ aren’t usually positive, so we try not to think about them and hope they’ll never happen. Who wants to think about the impact of suffering a critical illness, having a serious accident or dying young?However, we do seem to understand the need to protect our home, car, or even mobile phone with an insurance policy. And worryingly we’re more likely to protect these possessions than think about the need to protect ourselves and our families.So to help raise awareness around the need for personal protection, Royal London has developed an online game called Run for Cover. It aims to get people thinking about how they’d react to some of life’s events, both positive as well as negative. By doing so it helps to introduce the idea that a protection plan could help provide a financial cushion to support people at a time of need.The game also provides information about some of the different types of protection insurance available, as not all plans are the same and they can be tailored to suit individual needs and budgets.
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