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Eminem is Performing ‘Venom’ on The Top of The Empire State Building

Eminem gave a special performance of “Venom” from top of the the New York City landmark for Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The performance was filmed by googl

Moby’s New Memoir is Out “Then It Fell Apart”

Moby is releasing his new memoir “Then It Fell Apart” in next year and he announced the deatails. “Then It Fall Apart” is secong memoir of Moby and the sequal of 20

The Prodigy – No Tourists

Not many acts can have such an eclectic following as The Prodigy.  Their progressive dance has found favour with ravers, metalheads and pop pickers alike.  The real problem

Amy Winehouse is Returning on Stage as Hologram in 2019

Amy Winehouse tour is planned for 2019, with the late singer in hologram form after almost 8 years she died. Mitch Winehouse, Amy's father confirmed the Reuters that the to

Stevie Nicks Bound Lindsey Buckingham to Leave Fleetwood Mac

Lindsey Buckingham was fired by Fleetwood Mac because of wanting too much time off to concentrate on his solo work as the reason for his being kicked out of the band. In a

Sam Fender’s New Track ‘Dead Boys’ Shows Piercing Expresion to ‘Toxic Masculinity’

British male singer-songwriter, Sam Fender has released a new track 'Dead Boys' and address the issue of mental health and tackling 'toxic masculinity.' Sam Fender‘s new

Metric – Art Of Doubt

It would be easy for Canadian synth popsters Metric to become stale.  Their music has often flattered to deceive and yet they always just about manage to deliver just enough

Taylor Swift Accentuated in Favor of Democrats, Broke Political Silence.

The 28-years old American singer Taylor Swift says events in “The past two years” implied that she is no longer want to be reluctant to share her views regarding upcoming

Nirvana Reunion Show with Epic Six-Song Set 2018

Foo Fighters arranged Nirvana reunion show at Cal Jam 2018 last night, where Nirvana perfomed six-song set. Dave Grohl and Pat Smear reconnected with Krsit Novoselic and en

‘Where are We?’

Britney Spears one video is being shared online which shows she is asking a backing dancer where they were while performing at Brighton Pride festival. The US pop sensation