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Less Sitting, More Moving for Living Longer and Healthier

To reduce risk of early death, sitting must be replaced with exercise, as plenty of "sitting is the new smoking" research has found. Study says A quarter of Americans sit for

Berlin: World’s First no-Kill Eggs go on Sale

No-kill eggs are not dreams anymore as the world’s first of its kind are now on sale in Berlin. This becomes possible when German scientists found an easy way to determine a

Malaysia: Gloves Factories Accused of Forced Labour

Firms supplying health service allegedly exploit thousands of migrants. The National Health Service is utilizing therapeutic gloves made in Malaysian production lines where va

Jordan: Flash Floods Havoc Results in 12 Dead

Tourism is one of the economic sources of Jordan which greatly affected due to recent flash floods unleashed by heavy rain. The local peoples are also facing life threats as a

UK: England’s Sexual Health Clinic Facing Budget Cuts

Health security is one of the basic securities concerned with public health and services linked to social security scheme. In England the clinics providing sexual health facil

Australian Scientists Unveil World-First Blood Test to Detect Melanoma

Researchers in Australia have developed the world’s first blood test on Wednesday which is capable of detecting melanoma in its early stages with significant accuracy. Ac

NHS Was Worst In January

New figures have revealed the shocking scale of pressure the NHS has faced this winter. Official figures showed that almost 1,000 people were left waiting 12 hours for emergen

Iraq: Patients Treated For Chemical Weapons Exposure

UN has revealed fears of possible chemical attacks in Mosul as some patients exhibit severe signs of chemical weapon agents. At least twelve people including children and w

NHS Crisis On Spotlight

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn revealed the double amount of cash spent on privatising parts of the NHS under the Tories while calling for a

Damascus Water Crisis A ‘War Crime’

The UN has warned that the water crisis afflicting 5.5 million people in Syria’s Damascus may constitute a war crime.