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Women’s March 2019

Women’s rights are human rights, to achieve the rights and lessen the violence against women and girls, feminists and other human rights organisations are working throughout

Oscar 2019 Everything One Need to Know

Although the Oscars is still some way off, assumption has already begun as to which films might be in controversy for the top awards. Following the Hart debacle, reports sugge

WhatsOn Announces Annual Award Winners!

On 28 December 2018, WhatsOn hosted an awards presentation in honour of the talented activi

Celebrate New Year Forgetting the Worst Memories of the Past

January 1 has always been a significant day for almost everyone across the world. On this first day of the year many people attempt to forget their bad experiences and start t

Global Commons and Environment

Global warming doesn’t violate our moral sensibilities. It doesn’t cause our blood to boil because it doesn’t force us to entertain thoughts that we find indecent, impio

Whatson Award

WhatsOn is proud to present an exclusive Award programme which will be held on 28th of December, 2018. WhatsOn Award offers a real chance to sit down one-o-one with artist, wr

Gigs to Look Out For in 2019

As the New Year breathes new life and shakes free from its winter slumber, artists and management teams alike chug into life, setting up the next batch of tours ready and wait

10 New Things to Watch on Netflix in the First Week of January 2019

As the holiday season is going to end in January, Netflix promises not to let you be bored at home. This new year season, they are bringing you all new seasons of series and o

Solo Holiday Travel Ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Are you a person who loves travelling and enjoys adventures alone. Here are 5 places you can enjoy during this Christmass. Iceland:

XCLUSIVE interview with Lady Gaga

Gaga has repeatedly amazed us with her unpredictable pop, overt theatricality and her recent starring role in musical remake, A Star is Born. Is there anythin