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Switzerland: Tourist Drowns in Lake Geneva

This Saturday a violent storm battered parts of Switzerland. According to local police, a woman has drowned in Lake Geneva when her sightseeing boat sank during the storm. An

Save Our Oceans – Greenpeace

With World Oceans Day on 8 June, Mal Chadwick of Greenpeace highlights how humanity’s fate is bound to the oceans, and the vital work taking place to protect them.

10 Steps: To Save Our Planet

Recently we’ve seen an increasing number of demonstrations by climate protesters.

Global School Climate Protest: Expected to Beat Turnout Record

More than 1.4 million young people are set to protest about the climate crisis. Hundreds of thousands of children and young people are walking out of lessons around the world

UN: Nearly all Countries Agreed to Plastic Waste Agreement

The United Nations announced on Friday that almost all the world’s countries have agreed on a deal aimed at restricting shipments of hard-to-recycle plastic waste to poorer

Sri Lanka: Eco-Friendly Playing Jersey Unveiled

Sri Lanka unveiled their ‘Eco-Friendly’ playing jersey and training kit for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, on 3rd May.  The jersey is unique and different as th

Cyclone Fani Hits Bangladesh

The strongest cyclone Fani hits Bangladesh on Saturday. Although the storm lost some of its power after hitting India, a storm surge still breached embankments to submerge doz

105 Ton of ‘Concreteberg’ has Blocked London Sewers

105 ton of concreteberg has blocked the three Victorian-era sewers in the heart of the capital that caused by the people pouring concrete into drains which has become a record

The Green New Deal May be Our Last, Best Hope

Supporters of the Green New Deal are launching a nationwide tour to build support for the congressional resolution to transform the U.S. economy through funding renewable ener

Seychelles: President Made Underwater Plea to Protect Oceans

The president of the Seychelles Danny Faure has made a global plea for stronger protection and preservation of the “beating blue heart of our planet”, in a striking speec