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Australia: Heatwave to Soar in Every State and Territory

This week Australia is going to experience a heatwave in a row of temperatures above 40C. According to Meteorologists forecast, the hot conditions will last for days in some p

Thailand: Tropical Storm Pabuk Washed the Coast

Tropical Storm Pabuk has left nearly 30,000 people in evacuation shelters across southern Thailand. Floods and blackouts caused by the storm made tourist evacuate from the is

Indonesia: Tsunami Hits Sunda Strait Beaches

Once again Singapore has been affected by natural hazard and giving us the signal of climate change’s negative impacts. Volcanic activity believed to have sent a wave crashi

Global Commons and Environment

Global warming doesn’t violate our moral sensibilities. It doesn’t cause our blood to boil because it doesn’t force us to entertain thoughts that we find indecent, impio

UN Climate Change Talks End With a Deal

The UN climate change talks ended late on Saturday night in Poland with a deal agreed on how to put the 2015 Paris agreement into action, but with other contentious problems

Magnitude Earthquake Strikes in South Pacific : Tsunami warnings for New Caledonia

New Caledonia and the nearby islands are in Tsunami threat after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake shook the South Pacific on Wednesday. The earthquake was 10km deep, about 155 km

Climate Change and Displaced Persons

"Climate change" means a change in the climate that attributed directly or indirectly to human activity, alters the composition of the global atmosphere and also natural clima

Earthquake Caused New Zealand’s North And South Islands Closer

The national science body has revealed that devastating Kaikoura earthquake in 2016 is still effecting fault lines settling as a result, New Zealand's north and south islands

Jordan: Flash Floods Havoc Results in 12 Dead

Tourism is one of the economic sources of Jordan which greatly affected due to recent flash floods unleashed by heavy rain. The local peoples are also facing life threats as a

California: Town of Paradise Mourns

  Only a day after the fast-moving fire began, the blaze near the town of paradise had grown to nearly 140 sq miles and had destroyed about 6,500 structures. Butte Co