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DebateOn: Improving Sex Education in Schools

Peter Tatchell highlights why political, religious and

100 Years of the End of WWI

In the year of 1918 exactly 100 years ago on this day, the treaty of Armistice mark the end of world war one. The world is remembering this day with respects for the departed

Sex Education and Porn

Porn is big business. It is estimated to be worth about US$25bn in annual profit and to account for 30% of all internet traffic. Even if we don’t watch it ourselves, porn de

English teachers won recognition fight at Coventry

Seventy teachers delivering English language courses for international students at CU Services Ltd can now be represented by the University and College Union (UCU) after the

A*-C GCSE Grades Drop Dramatically This Year

Today many young students gathered to collect their results, however for some, the news was not good. National GCSE grades have dropped dramatically for the first time since t

25% of UK graduates are low earners 10 years after university

According to a new study, 25 % graduates in UK after leaving university in 2004 is earning only around £20,000 a year.The low earning power of some graduates has become an in

Erasmus scheme may leave out British students after Brexit

Under the Erasmus scheme, British students can study at European universities for up to a year and European students in the UK. But after Brexit, the scheme’s UK director Ru

Brexit: UK Scientists dropped from EU projects due to funding fears

UK scientists are being dropped from collaborative research projects because of fears that they will now lose their EU funding. British researchers receive about

Ethnic Minority Grads face Unemployment Prejudice

Studies have revealed that Black, Asian, and other minority ethnic workers are more likely to face unemployment than other races, despite having an equally impressive degree o

UK: Young Citizens Should Vote in June’s Referendum

UK Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said, a vote to leave the European Union could have a devastating impact on the life chances of young people. She urges to the seni