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UK Games Expo hits the NEC

By Mark Goddard This weekend saw the 12th annual UK Games Expo descend upon the NEC in Birmingham and this year was bigger than ever.

Review: Chung Ying Restaurants

The successful Chung Ying Restaurant Group has been serving Birmingham for more than three decades, and we were lucky enough to be invited to their n

CSR as a Step Towards Sustainable Development

‘Sustainability’ the word itself enhances its importance as it is reflecting the way of using and continuing any process that would not end up with any sort of irresponsib

China Under Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping becomes china’s most powerful political thinker since Mao Zedong after a new body of political thought caring his name in the communist party’s constitutions an

Review: Aria Restaurant, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Birmingham

Visiting the exceptional Aria restaurant is always a personal highlight for me. The restaurant with its recently reimagined take on the theme of “The Secret Garden,

Sorrento Lounge Restaurant in Mosely

Walking into the restaurant, one is immediately struck by just how much is going on. Overhead there are the long silver air-conditioning vents, the tables and chairs of differ

Varanasi Restaurant Reviewed by Andre

Varanasi is a strikingly decorated place wherein to dine. The cost of the refurbishment, well over a year ago now, was an estimated 4 million pounds and this is very evident b

Environment: Climate Financing is Important to Bring Sustainability

Climate change is not a new issue; it is changing constantly over geological time. But recently the rapid change of climate is becoming a serious environmental concern because

India Bangladesh Water Conflict at a Glance

The argument about the sharing of river water amongst India and Bangladesh started in 1951 when Bangladesh was the piece of Pakistan since India chose to build a dam at Farakk

Mashup Food Recipes

No offence to cookies, cakes or brownies, but they’re just so expected. Less standard is surprising dessert hybrids that combine the usual suspects in glorious ways. Here ma