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Rohingya Crisis: Humanity or Diplomatic Failure?

  In recent refugee influx and the acceptance by the Bangladesh government raised the question is Bangladesh gave shelter because of Humanity or the country failed to

USA: Gun Control Acts  

November 22, 1963 after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the gun control act started in USA according to some experts. But in history it goes back to 1

USA: Hate Crimes is in Rising

Hate crimes are not an uncommon affair in different countries of the world but the United States as when it comes to hate crimes and gun massacres, the country is tragically e

Shelly’s Dream World

Everyone has some dreams. Dreams that is the reason for their living. The hero of this story is also a dreamer; she thinks differently and sees things differently from others.

Global Commons and Environment

Global warming doesn’t violate our moral sensibilities. It doesn’t cause our blood to boil because it doesn’t force us to entertain thoughts that we find indecent, impio

South Asia and Regional Co-operation

South Asia shares a common history, culture and affinity but in case of the borders the region is one of the most volatile in the world. Borders are artificially created durin

Chakma’s and Their Lifestyle in Bangladesh: Part-II

3.9: FAMILY LIFE Chakmas are separated into families (gojas),which are additionally subdivided into subclans(guttis).Members of the same subclan are illegal to wed each oth

Chakma’s and Their Lifestyle in Bangladesh: Part-I

Chakma is the name of the largest tribe found in the hilly area of eastern Bangladesh known as the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Their name was first used by British census-takers t

Climate Change and Displaced Persons

"Climate change" means a change in the climate that attributed directly or indirectly to human activity, alters the composition of the global atmosphere and also natural clima

Deforestation and Indigenous Life

From the beginning of human history, Human beings and forests are closely related with each other. And the relationship of the forest people who also called as indigenous peop